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At Dynamic Martial Arts, our teaching method is unique, fun and full of life skills! Our goal is to make DMA one of your favorite places to be, and to help empower you and your family with physical and life skills for success!

- The best membership rates in town, no testing fees and no long-term contracts

- Lessons infused with life skills such as: "first time listening", responsibility, respect for parents and siblings, goal setting and much more 

- A parental ally, working to reinforce the important values you are teaching your family

- An expansive curriculum with a fusion of Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Karate and MMA

What You'll Get

Dynamic Martial Arts classes are located in Gresham, Oregon, where we combine the best of Tae Kwon Do, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Kickboxing, Karate, Muay Thai and Escrima. Our focus is on teaching students self-defense, confidence and important life skills that they can apply to their everyday lives. We work along with our adult students to help them realize their goals, and with kids' parents to empower their young people to work hard, be responsible, respectful and have fun!

Our Mission
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