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In our kid's programs, we act as a parental ally, reinforcing in class the values and core character traits you work hard to instill in your child at home and providing a positive, encouraging and empowering atmosphere for them to thrive in.


Belts are awarded only with parental approval, showcasing good behavior at home and school in addition to the learned martial arts curriculum.  Kids will also have a blast in interactive classes with fun drills, obstacle courses and games as part of the learning curriculum to keep them engaged and having fun!

Confidence, Respect, Responsibility, Self-Discipline, Setting and Achieving Goals, Teamwork & Camaraderie, Fitness

For this age group, we will put even more emphasis on martial arts philosophy, such as respect, self-discipline, responsibility, and more all while allowing students to progress at their own pace as they develop balance, strength, and flexibility through basic and advanced martial arts training.

These students are experiencing significant social and emotional development at this age range and greatly benefit from the boost of self-esteem, confidence and feelings of accomplishment they experience in class.

Taekwondo & Martial Arts Student Age 8+


At Dynamic Martial Arts, we are committed to providing amazing classes at the best value to you. We teach integrity, and therefore operate our family-owned business with integrity too. We aim to make a positive difference in our community, and that starts with treating all of our students and their families like they are our family!


Our membership pricing ranges between $89 - $159 and includes unlimited class attendance with a simple monthly agreement, meaning there are no long-term contracts to sign. If you ever need to cancel, we just need 30 days' notice - easy peasy!


There is a one-time $99 enrollment fee per family account, regardless of how many family members you have. Oh, and did we mention we have discounted family rates? We sure do!


There are also no belt testing fees, no upgrade fees and no other hidden charges. We are the only taekwondo school in the area that does not charge testing fees under the black belt level. What does this mean for you? It means each time you/your child tests for the next belt rank (typically every 8 weeks for beginners), you save $40-80 each time! Here, belts are awarded based on learned skills and positive growth and are therefore given free of charge to each student!


Sign up for your trial today to find out about our current enrollment specials!

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