You’ll never know what works if you don’t try | Lessons I learned from sparring #3

October 3, 2018

As with many areas of my life, I tend to stick to what I know.  My daily habits are pretty predictable in that I will get out of bed a certain way, brush my teeth in a certain order, get dressed about the same.  Unless I’m consciously making an effort to change a habit or routine, I will literally do the same things day in and day out.


Sparring wasn’t that different for me in the beginning.  I tended to rely on the same basic techniques over and over. Though it’s not a bad thing to have a handful of moves I could fall back on, limiting myself to those really halted my growth and progress.  


Fast forward a few years.  Now I’m a black belt and have quite the arsenal of techniques under my belt (pun intended).  I actually started using new techniques to challenge myself to be better and more creative! I used back kicks and wheel kicks and even started using smaller faster techniques to set up the bigger ones.  Sparring became the game it was meant to be, one of strategy, distancing, and timing.


That was a pretty big turning point for me as I stepped out of the small room I had kept myself in and into a new world of possibilities!  


Off the mat, I also had to try new things that challenged me to step up.  Starting my own martial arts studio is one major way that I’m exercising this principle.  Though I knew deep down that I had the skills necessary, I felt trapped in that small room for quite a few years.  I had to break my limiting mindset! I had to tap back into that powerful lesson I learned so long ago from sparring!  I had to challenge myself to try something new and harder, maybe less intuitive!


Here I am today, owner and master instructor at Dynamic Martial Arts.  I share this journey with my wife and daughter and am surrounded by some pretty amazing people who, had I continued sitting in my comfort zone, I would never had gotten the chance to meet!


If I can make a dramatic change in my life by trying something new, so can you!!


See you on the mat!


-KJN Jeremy

Located in Gresham, Oregon, Dynamic Martial Arts is a family based martial arts studio that is dedicated to inspiring students to recognize their potential, educate students to tap into their inner strength, and empower students to be leaders who inspire others.  Taekwondo, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Karate, Escrima, and more are combined to help kids, teens, and adults improve strength, flexibility, and stamina and learn self-defense in a safe and enjoyable classroom.


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