"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you"

April 23, 2018

That's the theme of this week!  We've talked in classes about this very idea and here's a quote by Fred DeVito, author and fitness athlete.


Since beginning the Ultimate Black Belt Test journey, I've tried to boil down my thoughts and actions into ones that best serve me, and in turn, my family and community.  This very quote sums it up pretty well!  


Facing challenges allows us to step out of our comfort zones and do things which force us to adapt and grow.  When we overcome a particular challenge, even a small one, we are more confident and prepared for the next.  When we make this our lifestyle, we put ourselves into a state of constant growth.


Here's an example ... writing this blog.  Writing is a requirement of those participating in the UBBT and it is easily one of the hardest requirements for most.  It certainly ranks up there for me!  Coach and mentor, Tom Callos, understands this is a challenge and that's why he has put emphasis on this expectation.  As master teachers, we need to constantly practice communicating what we do as leaders in our communities and the challenges we face as a way to lead by example and inspire others.


Speaking of inspiring others through my own facing of challenges, I want to share a progress photo of my own journey to better health and fitness.  I've put in lots of hours of training along side some amazing and motivating people and have put effort into maintaining a pretty strong eating routine.  In this photo, you can see more mass and definition ... more importantly, I CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE!  


 Let's do this!  Let's make this week, and all weeks moving forward, about finding challenges that are meaningful to the changes we'd like to see in ourselves!


Happy training!


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