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Dynamic Martial Arts is your home away from home! A place to make new friends that will eventually feel more like family!

Kid Kick Bags

Our 4-6 year old kids love working on these bags! They are covered with a non-abrasive material and are soft enough that the kids will be safe practicing!

Training Area

Where the magic happens! Our training floor is 1,300 sq ft of 1 1/2" martial arts training mats. They are linked with puzzle edges to ensure a tight fit and are safe enough to soften a fall!

Front Desk

You know what they say about first impressions...well, ours will always be friendly and welcoming! I can guarantee you'll be welcomed with a smiling face!


Our pro-shop is there to meet your basic training needs....from t-shirts to boxing gloves to drinks and snacks, we've got you covered! And if there's anything else you need or want, Century Martial Arts Supply is our preferred supplier for all of our martial arts equipment needs!

Training Area

With water filled bases, both the Kid Kick and Wavemaster XXL heavy bags can be moved wherever we need them to create an awesome training environment!

Kid's Area

We know what it's like to travel to activities as a family and want you to know that we have you in mind with this kid's area! The 16' baby gate and small kid friendly toys are a great place to entertain the younglings while their older siblings or parents are in class!

Training Area (parent's view)

We encourage parents to watch classes whenever possible! It's so important for our young students to feel supported and encouraged and that the lessons we teach will be taken out of the dojo and into the world!

Dynamic Martial Arts

DMA in total has 2,650 sq ft that is home to our training area, seating area, kid's area, front desk, pro-shop, storage room, and 2 restrooms. We like to keep the place neat and clean for our students and families!

Parent's Area

Our parent seating area is not just full of chairs...there's a dry erase board that's used for announcements and weekly class plans and curriculum cards for the kids and adult programs that students can use as a reference while progressing through the ranks!

Wavemaster XXL Bags

The Century Wavemaster XXL bags are made with heavy duty materials, with the base weighing a whopping 250lbs! Knocking one of these over with a powerful kick will make anyone feel like a superhero!

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