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Hi everyone! 


We have been working very hard to set up a comprehensive member’s section on our website, creating and editing lots of content for you to use. We’re excited to be able to share it all with you!


Here are the new details for our online training system.
We will have: 

1) Videos uploaded to follow at your convenience consisting of tutorials, drills, challenges, and some fun games. 

2) Live streaming classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. These live classes will also be recorded and posted to the page for future viewing approximately 24 hours after the class takes place.


      Live class times are as follows:

       Weekday streaming classes:

       4:00PM-Lil Ninjas (ages 4-6)

       4:45PM-Beginners (ages 7-12 & Adults)

       5:45PM-Intermediate/Advanced (ages 7-12 & Adults)

       Saturday streaming classes:

       9:30AM-Intermediate/Advanced (ages 7-12 & Adults)

       10:30AM-Beginners (ages 7-12 & Adults)

       11:15AM-Lil Ninjas (ages 4-6)



Disclaimer: When you and your student utilize our live streaming classes, please bear in mind that we cannot control your home environment (e.g. flooring, furniture placement, size of workout space or any other hazards. We will also not always have the same visual access to your student. Therefore, as you participate from home in these live classes at your own risk, please make sure that you have cleared a large enough space to safely move around in, free of furniture, slip and fall hazards and other dangers. Please also make sure to always use the proper form at all times to avoid injury. All live streaming media that permits recording will be recorded.

In order to access these classes, please take the following steps. It’s a good idea to do this well in advance of your first live class as admin must approve certain steps: 


1) Members-Only Website Access 

Visit and create a login with your email address.
*This may take a few hours to be approved so please do this asap! 


Once approved, you can access this section of our site by logging in on the top right corner of any page or by clicking the access buttons on our home or student section pages. From there, a member’s only menu will give you page options near the top right of the member’s section.


2) Zoom Web Conferencing Sign Up 

If you do not already have a login with Zoom, it’s very easy (and free!) to make one! You can create a login and use Zoom on your computer, phone or tablet. 


-  Go to and click “sign up for free”. 

-  Type in your email, they will send you a confirmation email. 

-  In the confirmation email, click “activate account”. It will take you to a page to input your name and choose a password. 

- You’re done for now! 



-  Go to Google Play or Apple store and download “Zoom Cloud Meetings” app. 

-  Click install and open app when downloading has finished. 

-  Tap “sign up” on the bottom left of the home screen. Type in your email and name and agree to terms of service. 

- They will send an email to verify your account. 

-  In the confirmation email, click “activate account”. It will take you to a page to input your name and choose a password. 

- You’re done for now! 


3) Joining A Live Class 

- Once you are logged into Zoom on your preferred device, a few minutes before your class time visit and log in. Go to your program page and click on the button for the appropriate day/time. 

-  Have fun and be awesome! 


We are looking forward to adding more content to these pages every day, and super excited to use this new online learning platform to continue our advancement in belt levels with you! If you ever have any questions on this or anything else, feel free to reach out anytime!


See you on the virtual mat!

KJN Jeremy


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