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Martial Arts photos have never been easier!
•Choose from dozens of high resolution backgrounds
•Photos taken by a professional martial artist
•Photos taken at your studio
•School logo, name, and other optional effects available
•Photo release so you can use or print your images however you like!
•Affordable pricing

Here's how it works...

1.  Set your appointment (click here for available dates and times)
2.  Compose your photo(s)...
     -Scroll through the gallery above for some ideas!
     -Do you have a favorite pose?
     -Do you want to capture that high kick?
     -Do you want your name in the photo?  School logo?
3.  Show up on photo day and take awesome photos!
4.  Your order will be sent to you digitally and will come in the                various sizes needed for printing (8x10, 5x7, 4x6) and will       
      include a photo release allowing you to post or print however          you like!

Photo pricing

$20 - Single image on a standard background
$25 - Dual image photo (faded portrait in background w/ pose in foreground)
$30 - Special effect (lightsaber, lightning, fire, etc.) or premium background (movie poster)
*prices include digital copies along with the rights to print or use them however you like!

Lots of backgrounds to choose from!