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Are you one of thousands of people who have lost faith in the weight loss process
due to so many empty promises for results?
Have you often wondered what it would feel like to be energized throughout the day?
Have you tried to find the motivation to achieve those goals
that have been in the back of your mind for years, but find it difficult to do it alone?

To quote Anthony Robbins, “when is NOW a good time to start?!”

Get ready for a new fitness program designed just for YOU! A simple program that will show you how to enhance your body, energy and mood as you lose weight in optimal ways!

We all know that it can be hard not to feel jaded when you are looking to succeed in weight loss and fitness. There are many products and exercise programs that promise that beach body look, but they always fail to deliver. On top of that, you dread the thought of having to drive to the gym to step on that treadmill again, and again, and again, just to be greeted by the awful frozen digits of the exact same weight you had a week earlier.

We bring you a dynamic, powerful, fun and unique program that we call

KickStart Fitness by Dynamic Martial Arts! 


KICKSTART is a dynamic fitness program that spans 12 weeks and includes elements of kickboxing and yoga, combined with mobility, flexibility, and body weight exercises and an intelligent approach to nutrition with. The goal is to help you take back control of your health and move you toward your personal health and fitness goals!

This is a program that is going to change your body and your mind in ways you never thought possible, but most importantly, with a fun and exciting method!

Your weight loss and fitness goals should never be ruined by activities that feel like chores. 

Your workouts should be something you look forward to doing each day and KickStart Fitness will make you feel that way - guaranteed!

This is going to be delivered by your own personal success coach that has 26 years of martial arts and kickboxing teaching experience. He is going to be there for guidance, support, motivation and most of all, to help you make permanent changes in your life.


 - Classes begin on Tuesday, January 2nd!

- The program is created for people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels! Total beginners welcome!

- Classes are every Tuesday and Thursday evening 6pm - 6:45pm.

- We have a kid's play area available if you need to bring your kiddo with you too (ages 4+ only, please)!

- During each workout, we will provide you with exercises that you can also do at home as well

as information on the best nutritional approaches for weight loss.

- Outside of class, you can access the private VIP Facebook group to ask questions,

get tips, advice and encouragement.

- You'll also get a pair of boxing gloves, a T-shirt and a water bottle for no extra cost!

The life changing workouts and coaching in this program

is priced at an already-low $150, BUT... 

- enroll before December 15th and save $50 -

Don't wait though - in order to provide personalized training,

we have very limited capacity.

With room for only 20 people, our spots fill FAST!


Don't miss your chance to make permanent positive changes!

It’s time to put YOU first.

Join our first group for 2018 and let’s KICKSTART this year off right!


Click the link below and start a new life today... classes begin January 2nd!

Have questions? Call or text us at (503) 967-KICK!

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