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"Jeremy was the best Tae Kwon Do instructor for us growing up! My sister & I were blessed to have Jeremy train us all the way up to our first degree black belts. He always kept us laughing & helped pave such incredible memories from our childhood. Jeremy is the kind of man that brings light into everyone's lives."

                                  - Danielle H.

"Teacher Jeremy is one of the best instructors I've ever had! He taught me something a long time ago that I will never forget –"not everything in life will be handed to you". 
So today I try to work hard and earn my way. Thanks Jeremy!"

                                  - Alex C.

"We love Jeremy for his kindness, patience, ninja moves, teaching, mentoring and friendship!"

                                  - Tammy T.

"Teacher Jeremy is not just a martial arts instructor, he is like my uncle who is teaching me to be a very strong and caring person. Thank you for being the best teacher for all of us, you inspire us to be the greatest, to be who we want to be and you encourage us in many ways."

                                  - Taylor B.

My daughter has trained under Jeremy for 5 years. You will not find a better teacher!

                                 - Nicole R.

The new studio is excellent and Jeremy is a very good teacher, able to be effective, flexible and easily communicate his vast knowledge. Recommend this for all ages!

                                 - Suzanne L.

My husband and son have trained under Jeremy for 5 years. He's an awesome instructor and a great person. Looking forward to watching his studio grow!

                                - Kirsten W.

Fantastic, modern, new, clean facility. The head instructor has 3 decades teaching To tens of thousands of students. You cannot find a better instructor or caring people To learn from. Being a martial professional myself it Would-be an honor to take lessons here. Highly recommend dynamic martial arts.

                                 - Dan S.

My son attended his first trial lesson this evening and we couldn’t be happier. Jeremy is great and for the first time in a long time my son feels excited and engaged! I think this will be a wonderful thing!

                                   - Laura F.

KJN Jermey is a great instructor. He is very passionate in teaching martial arts. He started teaching our son and daughter in 2012 and has made a huge impact not only in their lives, but in ours. He would take his time in making sure every student understood the proper movements in punching, kicking, and forms. Also teach the students how to apply what the learned in class in everyday life. I wish I would have made the decision earlier to start martial arts and be in his class. He brings to his dojo (Dynamic Martial Arts) years of experience not only in practicing but also in teaching. Do not miss this opportunity to learn from KJN Jermey like I did.

                                  - Zosimo L.

I cannot recommend Dynamic Martial Arts and KGN Jeremy Smith enough. I started martial arts in 2007 at the young age of 44. I started out for exercise and conditioning but quickly made some lifelong friends. Under the instruction of Jeremy, I learned the proper techniques of martial arts as well as the art. Jeremy is an amazing instructor and person. With his kindness and knowledge, he made class fun but challenging. In 2010 I earned by first degree black belt, an adventure I will always cherish and never forget. I never could have achieved this without the instruction, kindness and dedication of KGN Jeremy. Martial Arts isn’t about achieving a black belt but pushing yourself to continuously learn and get better at whatever you do. Regardless of age, Dynamic Marital Arts and Jeremy teach life lessons in a kind, fun and challenging environment. Jeremy is a great instructor, person and friend.

                                    - Cheryl K.

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AGES 4-7

Focus is the name of the game with this age group! Classes at this level are a half hour filled with drills to improve balance, coordination, teamwork, and more!!

Students will be encouraged to practice the respect and focus emphasized in the classroom at home, at school, and wherever else they happen to be... especially with their #1 teachers: their parents!

KEY BENEFITS: "First Time Listening" At Home, Focus, Balance, Fine Motor Skills and Coordination, Teamwork, Fitness, Socializing

Ryah (1).png
AGES 8-12

For this age group, we will put even more emphasis on martial arts philosophy, such as respect, self-discipline, responsibility, and more all while allowing students to progress at their own pace as they develop balance, strength, and flexibility through basic and advanced martial arts training!

KEY BENEFITS: Respect, Responsibility, Self-Discipline, Setting and Achieving Goals, Teamwork, Fitness


For teens and adults, classroom drills and exercises are geared toward improving mobility and flexibility through proper warm-ups and cool-downs, as well as strength and endurance throughout each workout!

Of course, the martial arts attitude and philosophy are still a big part of the training, as is actively looking for ways to improve ourselves through goal setting and giving back to the next generation.

KEY BENEFITS: Self-Discipline, Fitness, Setting and Achieving Goals, Stress Relief, Flexibility, Teamwork

Kids & Adults Programs:  $139

Tuition Decreases by $20 per Additional Family Member!

Belt Testing Fees (under black belt):  FREE

If You've Earned It, It's All Yours... No Charge!

One-Time Enrollment Fee:  $99

Per Family Account, Unlimited Members Can Be Added At No Cost 


At DMA, we are committed to providing amazing classes at the best value to you. We teach integrity, and therefore operate our family-owned business with integrity too. We aim to make a positive difference in our community, and that starts with treating all of our students and their families like they are our family! You will always get honesty and transparency from us with no hidden fees or long-term contracts.

We are also the only martial arts school in the area that does not charge testing fees under the black belt level. What does this mean for you? It means each time you/your child tests for the next belt rank (typically every 4-8 weeks for beginners), you save $40-80 each time! At DMA, belts are awarded based on learned skills and positive growth and are therefore given free of charge to each student!

See the table below for our simple tuition pricing, and please don't hesitate to call with any questions you may have!

Monthly Tuition Prices & Fees
All memberships include unlimited classes!

Ninjas (Ages 4-5 & 6-7)                                                               $129

Ages 8-12, Teens, Adults                                                              $159
Yes!  We have family rates!

Belt Testing Fees (under Black Belt)                                           FREE
If You've Earned It, It's All Yours... No Charge!

One-Time Enrollment Fee                                                           $99
Per Family Account, Unlimited Members Can Be Added At No Extra Cost

...That's it, folks! Absolutely no other fees!


Can I watch my child's class?

Absolutely!!  We encourage parents to watch class and even participate in classes of their own! Check out our class schedule to find a time that works for you!

How much does it cost?

Our fees are very competitive and are an ongoing monthly membership - we don't have long-term contracts. We also pride ourselves on being fully transparent on costs - there are no hidden fees. You can find all the information you'll need at the top of this page.

How do I know what should be practiced at home?

There is SO MUCH that can be practiced at home like positive attitude, teamwork, following directions....I could go on and on!  If it's the physical techniques you are wondering about, stop by our student section every so often for curriculum updates and other resources like videos and tips & tricks to improve techniques!

What equipment will be needed for class?

As students progress through their program, they will need different equipment along the way in order to protect them from injury or to give them the tools they will need to develop coordination, strength, and self defense awareness.  Specific answers to what equipment is needed at each level can be found in our student section... the equipment that is needed for classes can be found on the classroom board and on the studio calendar.

What should be worn in class?

Proper attire is a must!  Full uniform and belt or DMA t-shirt, martial arts pants, and belt are acceptable in class.  T-shirts need to be tucked in.  Any shirts or other attire with foul language or offensive imagery will not be allowed in class.  Long hair must be tied up and jewelry removed. For more info on this, see the studio policies in our student section or in your enrollment packet.


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